Albus Cavus Open Walls DC

We do not accept any applications at this point. The project is inactive.

Open Walls DC is a unique public art initiative in Washington, DC that provides spaces and walls for graffiti artists, street artists, muralists, art students, emerging and established artists who love to paint outdoors and large. The goal of Open Walls DC is to create large ever-changing murals that beautify our city and are unusual creative public spaces. The artists creating art on these walls have a permission to do so. We strongly encourage the artists to have a printed version of the permit while painting. It can be obtained by contacting us through facebook, instagram or email.

The latest photos

Open Walls DC Map Edgewood Wall
located directly behind Rhode Island Shopping Center at Rhode Island Avenue NE and 4th Street NE
Note: Only open for mural jams to paint the lower wall directly behind the shopping center. No permits being issued at this time.

Sherman Wall
located behind the white two-story buidling at the corner of Sherman Avenue NW and Barry Place NW
Note: The building has been demolished.

Ivy City Wall
located on Fairview Avenue NE off New York Avenue NE.
Note: No permits being issued at this time.

Sursum Corda Wall
located in the alley directly behind Perry Center, 128 M Street NW
Note: No permits being issued at this time.

BridgeSpot Wall
located under the highway overpass at 200 H Street SE in Garfield Park
Note: No permits being issued at this time.

Albus Cavus Open Walls DC